Grand Teton National Park

This was my most recent adventure to Jackson, WY and Grand Teton National Park. I have been through this National Park when the clouds totally cover the peaks of the Tetons and hide all the natural beauty of this range of peaks. But something inside of me was itching to go back. I have always loved the small towns because they have just a different love for life. They cherish the little things and the communities are always strong. I was so fortunate the entire trip this time because high pressure was dominating the region and making for crystal clear conditions. There were all kinds of active bear sign throughout the park, but I never encountered a Grizzly or Black Bear. I saw a fox taking a stroll down the middle of the road and plenty of deer. No Moose, which I was really hoping to see.

grand tetons

(Entering Grand Teton National Park heading North from Jackson, photo by KP)

This range when they are out in full display are truly a gift from God! Nothing beats the sights and the silence of this National Park. I captured the picture below early in the morning and it made me count my blessings for getting to witness such a sight.


(Chapel of the Transfiguration – Moose, Wyoming, photo taken by KP)

This final picture takes in the full country experience with the ranch and farmhouse in the distance with the Tetons as the ultimate backdrop. Maybe one day I will be able to call a place like this home, but until then I am just going to have to live with what I got and this picture sure brings back the memories of this trip.


(Grand Tetons from the town of Tetonia, photo taken by KP)

Jackson, WY and Grand Teton National Park are a wonderful tourist attraction for an outdoor enthusiast. You can literally do just about anything out in this part of the country from roller skating, biking, canoeing, fishing. This place is awesome and definitely is one of my favorite spots to visit.