Seahawks Sunday: Russell Wilson chooses teams for trade

Out of the four teams that Russell Wilson listed as landing spots: Dallas, Chicago, Las Vegas and New Orleans. Only two teams really seem realistic in terms of trade pieces. First of which is the Chicago Bears. The Bears have a talented defensive team and the Seahawks know that in order to get back toContinue reading “Seahawks Sunday: Russell Wilson chooses teams for trade”

Trail Blazer Tuesdays: Week in Review

LAKERS 102 – 93 TRAIL BLAZERS The Trail Blazers started off the week with the Los Angeles Lakers. The struggles continued for the Blazers as they squandered a lead at halftime, getting dominated in the third quarter. As usual, Damian Lillard produced for the team – totaling 35 points, 7 assists, 3 rebounds. Outside ofContinue reading “Trail Blazer Tuesdays: Week in Review”

Mariners Mondays: Spring Training is Here

The Mariners put all the crap behind them with a walk off win in their first spring contest against the San Diego Padres. White, Kelenic, Moore and Rodriquez all contributed with runs batted in. Hopefully come the regular season, J-Rod and Kelenic will be part of the 40 man roster. Obviously it’s Spring Training andContinue reading “Mariners Mondays: Spring Training is Here”

Hey, Seattle Mariners – Let’s add Russell Wilson to the mix at Second Base

Going into Spring Training, the Seattle Mariners have a definite need at Second Base. Dylan Moore and Shed Long are currently on the depth chart, but come on now we all know the best second baseman in Seattle is Russell Wilson. Obviously the organization is in a terrible state currently after the Kevin Mather controversy,Continue reading “Hey, Seattle Mariners – Let’s add Russell Wilson to the mix at Second Base”

Trail Blazer Tuesdays: Phoenix dominates Portland

The Portland Trail Blazers have a talented roster there is no denying that, but this season they just haven’t been firing on all cylinders for some reason. Last night’s contest against Phoenix shows again that the Blazers have a long way to go if they want to contend for the title. Looking at the statContinue reading “Trail Blazer Tuesdays: Phoenix dominates Portland”

Mariners Mondays: Mather resigns as Mariners President

To start off, I would like to say it’s about damn time!! The Mariners have been terrible for far too long and it’s obvious why when you have owners like Kevin Mather, who in the following video you will see how selfish and money blinded he is. I don’t know anyone within the organization onContinue reading “Mariners Mondays: Mather resigns as Mariners President”

Seahawks Sunday: What would you like to see the Seahawks do this offseason?

After a somewhat disappointing end to the 2020 season, the Seahawks made immediate changes to the coaching staff. They fired Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenhemier on January 12th stating “scheme fit” was the issue regarding his release. Russell Wilson immediately responded on Twitter thanking Schotty for being his OC the last few seasons. Statistically, Russell WilsonContinue reading “Seahawks Sunday: What would you like to see the Seahawks do this offseason?”

Should the Seahawks change Defensive Schemes?

Coming into the season there was concern about the Seahawks defense in terms of personnel. We knew the bright spots would be Bobby Wagner and KJ Wright, but the addition of Jamal Adams has helped. However, Seattle has struggled all season with pass rush which has lead to one of the worst defenses in theContinue reading “Should the Seahawks change Defensive Schemes?”

Seahawks land highly coveted safety in Jamal Adams

Coming out of college, Jamal Adams had my attention at the safety position. He is a tenacious defender who brings an attitude that the Seahawks need on the defensive side of the football. Yeah, there might be some headaches at first. But I think the Seahawks will have no problem getting him onboard with theContinue reading “Seahawks land highly coveted safety in Jamal Adams”

Sports and Social Injustice: Embrace the Activism

Over the past few years, there have been players across the sports landscape that have brought light to the struggles that face this nation when it comes to Social Injustice. Whether it’s Megan Rapinoe and the US Women’s National Soccer team fighting for fair pay or Colin Kaepernick kneeling the National Anthem for social injusticeContinue reading “Sports and Social Injustice: Embrace the Activism”