Seahawks land highly coveted safety in Jamal Adams

(Jamal Adams – photo credit USA Today)

Coming out of college, Jamal Adams had my attention at the safety position. He is a tenacious defender who brings an attitude that the Seahawks need on the defensive side of the football. Yeah, there might be some headaches at first. But I think the Seahawks will have no problem getting him onboard with the Seahawks way. I believe Jamal will be a staple of the Seahawks secondary for years to come!

Critics will say the Seahawks gave up too much to acquire Adams from the Jets. But, he is well worth it with the ball skills he posseses at the safety position. He is also a great tackler and can load the box and bring pressures from time to time. We have been needing a big play safety for years now, yesterday the Seahawks finally got their guy!

Well done Seattle! Welcome to the Seahawks family, Jamal Adams!

What should Washington do with rebranding their NFL franchise?

Obviously change makes people uncomfortable at times, but sometimes change leads to bigger and better things. The NFL in the District of Columbia has been a little bit problematic over the last few decades. The teams assembled have struggled to compete at times and the name of the Redskins has caused distractions.

There has been all kinds of talks about what the new brand is going to be for the NFL in Washington, DC. Talks have been about the Generals, Redtails, etc. The Generals is a name that I could see sticking, especially if they use a blacked out design similar to the Army uniforms in college.

For me, I think the Washington Commanders is a solid option. The design above shows the star decals on the helmet, I also think the team could do some cool things with the uniform. Stars lining the collar and stripes somewhere in the uniform? I think a Washington team deserves patriotic colors. It’s the capital of our nation and they should represent our country with their colors in my opinion.

Sports and Social Injustice: Embrace the Activism


Over the past few years, there have been players across the sports landscape that have brought light to the struggles that face this nation when it comes to Social Injustice. Whether it’s Megan Rapinoe and the US Women’s National Soccer team fighting for fair pay or Colin Kaepernick kneeling the National Anthem for social injustice after acts of Police brutality. Everyone in this nation has the right to voice/express their opinions and fight for what they believe. It’s our duty as Americans to listen to these individuals, understand their stories and positions, and help bring about change to the system we have in place because it definitely isn’t perfect! It blows my mind how these acts of patriotism get viewed negatively in a country that takes pride in being the “The Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave”.

The fact of the matter is the US Women’s National Soccer team is the best soccer team in the world in their respective sport, and they probably would give the US Men’s National team a run for their money in a match. It would definitely be competitive on the field, so why aren’t these women getting paid competitive wages!? It’s tough to really pinpoint the real reason for this difference, but it sure doesn’t make any sense! It’s not just women in sports that are being profiled for wages, it’s all over the business landscape as well.

In more recent news, the death of George Floyd has brought back questions/concerns regarding ‘Racism in America’. There is no doubt that racism is still a real problem in the United States. The U.S.A is home to one of the most diversified populations in the world because of the freedoms that we “say” to provide people from other countries. For some Americans, it only takes one bad action from a specific group for people to start labeling and viewing them in a negative light and that doesn’t take long to escalate into hate crimes. If we don’t have the resources in place to manage the people of this country, then why keep allowing people to enter this country!? By doing this, our country is putting its people and system in a position to fail!

There is so much talent already in America, yet business owners still go after the cheapest, most affordable labor – which comes from other countries. Yes, slavery is still alive and well in this country, although it doesn’t get the attention it deserves either. It’s incredibly sad that some Americans are just okay with watching these events unfold and don’t care to address these problems in the system. I know most of us have it “good” and haven’t had to deal with the hardships that others have had to endure, but for God sake America it’s time to rise up and show some heart! Every life matters and it’s time to start treating everyone with the equality and respect they deserve.

I certainly hope sports get up and running here soon! Because some of the realest leaders this country has to offer make their livings on the pitch/field, ice, court and diamond. It will be interesting to see how the recent events play into sports getting back up and running. I’m sure a lot of players are starting to get the feel that this world needs them to take the stage!

2020 NFL Draft: NFC Report Card




Grade: C+

Reasoning: The Seahawks have to be feeling the heat from within the division, the Cardinals are up and coming and the 49ers and Rams are bringing back quality football teams. I think the Seahawks did alright with filling holes in their depth chart, but I really would have liked to see them get a speed slot corner and a higher quality receiver in the draft. I think Brooks and Lewis are going to be the two impact players out of this class for the Seahawks. Per usual, there is a lot of good potential in these picks, but in terms of how much an impact out the gate, only time will tell.



Grade: B-

Reasoning: Didn’t fill many holes on the team, but were able to land in my opinion two impact guys with their first two picks. Kinlaw is going to be a force to be reckoned with and Brandon Aiyuk should bring Garapollo another strong weapon on the outside to go alongside Deebo Samuel, which he reminds me a lot of.



Grade: A-

Reasoning: Isaiah Simmons is an absolute steal at the #8 pick, way too much versatility, skill and speed. I believe the Cardinals got a superstar in Simmons. Their following three picks were all great picks as well, beefing up both sides of the line. Well done in the draft Cardinals, well done!



Grade: D+

Reasoning: I guess you could say the Rams filled some holes in their roster? With middle to late round picks… You talk about a team that went from first to worst in a matter of years. I think the Rams are really going to feel the effects of this Draft over the coming years. Better hope they can keep their core nucleus in tact because I foresee some drama coming to the Rams of Los Angeles.




Grade: B+

Reasoning: The Vikings filled every need on their board and built some solid depth, particularly at corner back.  To get Justin Jefferson late first round and Ezra Cleveland late in the second round, the Vikings are getting two guys that should be ready to contribute right away. I like what the Vikings did with their draft!



Grade: C-

Reasoning: Although the Packers left a lot of fans scratching their heads over the first few rounds, I think long term this draft will be applauded. Jordan Love should be able to soak in a lot of knowledge sitting behind Aaron Rodgers for a few seasons. Second round pick AJ Dillon isn’t a “sexy” pick at running back but he is a productive back and should pay off in the Green Bay conditions where running the ball late in the season is important. Late in the draft, they were able to fill holes on the offensive line, so they didn’t go home empty handed in that regard.



Grade: B+

Reasoning: The Lions did well with their picks early; selecting Jeff Okudah, D’Andre Swift, Julian Okwara and Jonah Jackson. I don’t know if these selections improve their team a whole lot immediately but the selections definitely look good on paper, now let’s see what happens on the football field.



Grade: B

Reasoning: Given the Bears didn’t have much opportunity to go after high end players with their first pick coming in the second round. For them to leave the draft with Cole Kmet and Jaylon Johnson, I think they are very happy with what they got with their tight end and corner back selections. Late rounds they filled some more voids, but it’s hard to say if they struck gold in any of these selections.




Grade: C-

Reasoning: The Saints obviously didn’t have much ability to build depth with the four picks that they possessed this draft. I think they stretched a bit for the center in Round 1, but arguably the best outside linebacker in the draft fell to them in Round 3 with the selection of Zack Baun. I will give them credit for picking up some quality in the few picks they had.



Grade: B+

Reasoning: Carolina went all out on drafting defensive help. I think they got a lot of quality players on that side of the ball, but they probably won’t have a great enough impact to make the Panthers relevant again. They definitely have holes on offense with Cam Newton’s departure from the team so a little surprised they didn’t draft a quarterback.



Grade: C

Reasoning: Falcons filled a few needs within their team, but from looking at their picks I don’t think they got any real game changers. Obviously with the Saints and Buccaneers now, you might have thought that the Falcons would aggressively pursue somebody but that doesn’t look to be the case.



Grade: B

Reasoning: The Buccaneers have by far been the team that has had the most roster improvement in the off season. Bringing in Brady and Gronkowski from the Patriots will lead to a potent offense with all the pieces they already had in place. The selection of Wirfs and Winfield should pay immediate dividends.




Grade: B

Reasoning: I will give the Redskins a B grade because they got the best player in the draft in Chase Young, that being said it’s still unclear how the other selections will pan out. I think one of the receivers will turn out good, but I don’t see a lot of high impact guys in this draft for the Redskins.



Grade: B+

Reasoning: I believe the Giants had arguably the best draft out of any of the NFC East teams, selecting Andrew Thomas and Xavier McKinney you are getting two guys who can make an impact from the start. Something tells me the other picks are going to do just fine as well. It will be interesting to see how the Giants do this year!



Grade: B-

Reasoning: The Eagles filled some positional needs, but the selection of Hurts was a bit interesting when you have other positions that you needed besides QB. The Eagles will be competitive, but don’t look for them to make any runs at the Super Bowl or anything. This draft didn’t do that much good for them in my opinion.



Grade: B-

Reasoning: Oh, it’s all about the ego of Jerry Jones. I can already here it now “How about them Cowboys!?”. Getting players like CeeDee Lamb and Trevon Diggs were surely good selections, but until Jerry Jones can change his mindset focusing on money I really don’t see the Cowboys going anywhere. He may have deep pockets, but he sure doesn’t have much bling, as in Championship rings.