Chicago, Illinois


During the summer of 2017, I visited Chicago briefly on the days of my flights in and out of O’Hare International Airport. I was visiting for a Frontier League Showcase in Lafayette, Indiana and following the tryout I decided it might be worth it to swing into the city and try to soak up some of the views. As you can see the conditions that day were amazing and Chicago definitely showed it’s beauty!

There are so many more sites that I want to see in Chicago, definitely want to return someday and visit some of the sporting venues. Also, I still need to visit Millennium Park; which I tried to visit the day I was there but the crowds were insane and the parking lots were taking advantage of dynamic pricing.

Overall, my time spent in Chicago was good. One thing to note if you are ever visiting, investing in the toll pass for rental cars might not be a bad idea. The toll roads are crazy in and around the city and you constantly have to stop to pay tolls. I learned my lesson to choose the express pass next time I go.