Washington, District of Columbia


(Washington Monument/DC Skyline from Navy-Merchant Marine Memorial)

I had heard a lot of really great things about Washington D.C. during the spring with the Cherry Blossom Parade, so I decided to make a trip out that way this past weekend to take in the sights and sounds. The District of Columbia was a madhouse on Saturday with the weather being prime for viewing mid-70’s and partly to mostly cloudy. On Saturday, I did some exploring of downtown but I chose to not spend much time and did most walking and sightseeing along the Potomac River away from the city. (Skyline of DC, photo taken by KP)


(Thomas Jefferson Memorial from Japanese Lantern)

Sunday (Day 2), I had a lot more success getting around the city and seeing some of the historical sites. The image above shows Thomas Jefferson Memorial with the cherry blossom blooms around mid-morning. This walk around the Tidal Basin is as scenic as any place in the world this time of year, it’s truly something special to see. However, I recommend if you go to DC this time of year, you spend more time (4-6 days) because there are insane crowds and with the large number of historical sites it’s impossible to fit all the sites in during a short weekend trip.


(The White House)

Oh, the luxury of being the United States President. From the fountains, to the rich gardens and landscape. It’s something in DC that you just have to go see, although it’s not the highest rated of attractions. Situated on the north of the Washington Monument, the White House has incredible views overlooking the most iconic structure in DC. However, I didn’t see Donald Trump, that would have made the trip by the White House more memorable.


(Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial)

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial was great to see! The stone sculpture shows Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. arms crossed looking out of over the Tidal Basin towards Thomas Jefferson Memorial. He was a man of great focus and stuck to his vision no matter the consequences of his actions. I think this monument is great, because it shows a man who wanted to end the racial barriers that we have in this country, and trust me looking down from the heavens now, he would still be somewhat ashamed that these barriers still exist in this country. That’s why I like the arms crossed with his veins raised on his hand, because it shows body language of disgust and disappointment. He’s a legend for sure, and this memorial was probably the coolest thing I saw on Day 2.


(Nationals Park – Mets vs. Nationals)

It wouldn’t be a completed trip for me without taking in some sports action from one of the teams in the DC area. The New York Mets were in town for the Opening Series, and I had to go check out Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz on their new team. Also, I wanted to go see if Emerald Ridge graduate and relief pitcher for the Mets, Tim Peterson, would make an appearance in the game. Sure enough in the 7th inning he got his call from the skipper. He came in for a 1/3 inning and retired the one batter he faced! Pretty awesome to see an old teammate and Puyallup native get live action in the MLB. Well done Tim! The Nationals ended up walking off on a Home Run by Trea Turner in the 9th, definitely got my money’s worth on this one.