Comet Neowise has been putting on quite the show for star gazers the last few weeks. My brother, his friend and I decided to take a hike in Discovery Park to get a view of the skies to the Northwest. Going into the night, I really had low expectations and didn’t know how visible the comet was going to be.

As we hiked down to the beach, the sun was still setting on the Northwest horizon. We started scanning the skies for the comet below the Big Dipper. Sure enough, the comet was right there about 170 degrees or so from the furthest right point of the Big Dipper. Along the trail, we stopped to capture some photos of Neowise through the trees.

Definitely something you don’t see everyday and glad I was able to experience it!

Thunderstorms thrash Central/Eastern Washington


(Thunderstorms roll across Central Washington. Photo captured 5/30/20 in Vantage, WA)

One of the most beautiful things about this planet is seeing the power of Mother Nature in live action. Some fear storms, while others find beauty in it! For me it’s all about being cognizant of the power and respecting the force, but not being afraid to confront the storms you face!