Alberta (Calgary and Banff Nat’l Park)

Calgary, Alberta is a beautiful city with all kinds of spots for outdoor recreation. I visited Calgary late in the summer – early fall last year and it was a great time! The city does remind me a lot of Seattle with the Calgary Tower (shown below). One of the coolest parts about this city is its location, the Bow River runs right through the city which is awesome. Many miles of river walking with great views of the city and other landmarks.

calgary tower

(Calgary Tower in the early morning hours, photo taken by KP)

With the river running through the city, I saw all kinds of recreational fishing just outside of the city. There is also the Winter Sport Institute, aka WinSport, where you can mountain bike and luge down the fill in the summer and tube, bobsleigh and ski in the winter. That place was a lot of fun to visit, and you can also snap a picture with the famous Jamaican bobsled. Another thing with Calgary is that the landscape is quite hilly, which makes for great trail/city running and there are all kinds of options when it comes to that.

peace bridge - calgary

(Peace Bridge over the Bow River with Downtown in the back, photo taken by KP)

As I said before, the city of Calgary is positioned nicely between rolling hills and alongside the Bow River. There are all kinds of things to check out in downtown from the Peace Bridge (shown above), to the Calgary Tower, to the Calgary Zoo, to the Glenbow Museum. You can also catch tour buses from Calgary for an adventure of a lifetime through Banff National Park. This National Park is spectacular, the conditions weren’t the best when I visited with my friend, Kenny Bayer, but I could just imagine what the place is like when it’s crystal clear and mild.

hoodoos - banff natl park

(The Hoodoos in Banff National Park, photo taken by KP)

johnston canyon lower falls - banff natl park

(Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park, photo taken by KP)