Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks, Alaska was one of my most recent trips. My father and I made the trip in Late September to visit the Fairbanks area to try and capture the Aurora Borealis and check out some of the sights of the small Alaskan city. I knew going into this trip there was going to be a great chance to capture the Auroras as the geomagnetic activity was at high strength for the entirety of our trip. That being said, the weather was starting to turn so we knew that was going to limit our opportunities.

We took a red eye flight to Fairbanks in hopes this would give us the best opportunity to get above the clouds and snap some shots out the window of the plane. Sure enough once we got just north of Juneau, AK the Auroras were on full display. To the naked eye the Auroras weren’t very vibrant in color but luckily my Google Pixel was able to pick up the colors with it’s night sight feature. Just be aware if you are going in search of the Auroras most the time the colors aren’t clear to pick up in a night’s sky, cameras do most the work with the images you see of the auroras on the web.

Once we landed, I was pretty wiped out from staying up to spot the Auroras. The next day my Dad and I jumped in the car and visited the Museum of the North, Pioneer Park, and Santa Claus House where we spotted some reindeer getting fueled up for the holiday season. That evening, we decided to make the trip up to Chena Hot Springs – which was recommended by family that previously lived up in Alaska. It’s a massive hot spring with all kinds of capacity for visitors to relax in the warm pool of water while looking up to the sky above in hopes of seeing the auroras overhead. We didn’t see anything that night, but that might have been due to some of the lighting in the hot spring area.

Definitely thankful that my father was able to join me for this trip, made the memory that much sweeter. I hope to get back to Alaska in the near future with plans to visit Juneau, Anchorage and Denali National Park. Might have to get back up to Fairbanks in the winter for some dog sledding at some point.