Seattle Mariners: Please fire Jerry Dipoto!

This morning I woke up reading an article from 710 AM ESPN Seattle and read the remarks about Jerry Dipoto and his decision to not call up prospects to help bolster roster in hopes of clinching a playoff birth. For more information you can visit: Another thing that stood out about the article isContinue reading “Seattle Mariners: Please fire Jerry Dipoto!”

KP Media Color Rush – A Custom Ink Fundraiser

This is my first public promotion for the KP Media Productions web page. Please check out this fundraiser and consider supporting or sharing the link/web page with others who might find interest in my photography or articles. This fundraiser is active through August 29th, so make sure to get your gear orders submitted before then.Continue reading “KP Media Color Rush – A Custom Ink Fundraiser”

Seahawks land highly coveted safety in Jamal Adams

Coming out of college, Jamal Adams had my attention at the safety position. He is a tenacious defender who brings an attitude that the Seahawks need on the defensive side of the football. Yeah, there might be some headaches at first. But I think the Seahawks will have no problem getting him onboard with theContinue reading “Seahawks land highly coveted safety in Jamal Adams”

Legendary Disgust: Seattle Kraken vs. Seattle Sasquatch?

As we all know in the State of Washington by now the NHL team is called the Kraken. Sure it has an excellent motto with “Release the Kraken” and they put lots of time making the release video to grab the markets attention. However, this isn’t the movie making industry. This is sports we areContinue reading “Legendary Disgust: Seattle Kraken vs. Seattle Sasquatch?”

What should Washington do with rebranding their NFL franchise?

Obviously change makes people uncomfortable at times, but sometimes change leads to bigger and better things. The NFL in the District of Columbia has been a little bit problematic over the last few decades. The teams assembled have struggled to compete at times and the name of the Redskins has caused distractions. There has beenContinue reading “What should Washington do with rebranding their NFL franchise?”

Sports and Social Injustice: Embrace the Activism

Over the past few years, there have been players across the sports landscape that have brought light to the struggles that face this nation when it comes to Social Injustice. Whether it’s Megan Rapinoe and the US Women’s National Soccer team fighting for fair pay or Colin Kaepernick kneeling the National Anthem for social injusticeContinue reading “Sports and Social Injustice: Embrace the Activism”

NHL Seattle, so what’s it going to be?

Ever since word leaked about the Kraken being the new team name for the NHL franchise in Seattle, there has been much anticipation for the final decision on behalf of the ownership group. I came up with the logo for the Seattle Sasquatch and still think it would be an excellent choice with the followingContinue reading “NHL Seattle, so what’s it going to be?”