Seahawks Sunday: Russell Wilson chooses teams for trade

Out of the four teams that Russell Wilson listed as landing spots: Dallas, Chicago, Las Vegas and New Orleans. Only two teams really seem realistic in terms of trade pieces.

First of which is the Chicago Bears. The Bears have a talented defensive team and the Seahawks know that in order to get back to the Championship team they once were they need to bolster the defense. I realistically think the Bears could offer OLB/DE Khalil Mack and CB Jaylon Johnson for QB Russell Wilson, which I honestly would accept if I were the Seahawks. Give the 12s something to be loud and proud about on defense.

The second team to watch is the Las Vegas Raiders. John Gruden loves Russell Wilson and would potentially give a lot to land his QB of choice. The Raiders again have some trade pieces to work with. They could offer the Seahawks LB Raekwon McMillan, S Johnathon Abram, QB Marcus Mariota and draft picks to land Russell in my opinion.

Again these are all fantasy scenarios, but I think it is a realistic possibility that Russell Wilson has played his last games as a Seattle Seahawk. There are a lot of teams that aren’t happy with their QB situations. Seahawks could accept a trade in which teams are willing to stockpile high quality players in exchange for a superstar.

Who might the Seahawks be looking at to replace Russell Wilson if a trade was accepted? Free Agents to look at would be QB Jake Locker, Tim Tebow and Colin Kaepernick. The draft has some talented QBs as well with Justin Fields, Zach Wilson and Mac Jones. Cincinnati QB Desmond Ridder is another one to target in next year’s draft.

I’m starting to lean more and more towards the Seahawks trading Wilson and bolstering the defense. I think there are plenty of other talented QBs coming up and the Seahawks should focus on regaining the physicality on defense.

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