Hey, Seattle Mariners – Let’s add Russell Wilson to the mix at Second Base

Going into Spring Training, the Seattle Mariners have a definite need at Second Base. Dylan Moore and Shed Long are currently on the depth chart, but come on now we all know the best second baseman in Seattle is Russell Wilson. Obviously the organization is in a terrible state currently after the Kevin Mather controversy, so I don’t expect this idea to gain much traction. There is no doubt in my mind that Russell is good enough at Second Base to compete against the guys currently on the roster. Seattle loves their Russell Wilson and with the Seahawks starting to frustrate their star Quarterback, he might be interested in taking a year off to try professional baseball.

As an organization you would think for sure that they would at least make phone calls and see if there is any interest. Russell would bring leadership and a champions mentality. The Mariners have a young up and coming roster, that’s if they don’t piss off every prospect in their organization, so I think it’s time to bring in some leaders and experience. Yes, I know, Russell hasn’t played a game in Major League Baseball, but he has the experience of being under the bright lights and playing in front of large crowds. He is beloved by the city of Seattle and I think there are a lot more people out there that would love to see him suit up for the Mariners and take the field at T-Mobile Park.

He would sell tickets, he would have people tuning in to watch him play baseball around the world. If you want to make a statement to the team, go show the team that you are truly about winning now. You aren’t going to win games with a bunch of drunks in the “Bullpen” at T-Mobile Park, you are going to win games with fans who are “True to the Blue” and in their seats actively engaged in the game. Forget about having to reduce ticket prices for people to attend games, sign Russell Wilson and partner with Sound Transit, you will have the stadium packed every night just like your friends across the street at Lumen Field.

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