Legendary Disgust: Seattle Kraken vs. Seattle Sasquatch?

As we all know in the State of Washington by now the NHL team is called the Kraken. Sure it has an excellent motto with “Release the Kraken” and they put lots of time making the release video to grab the markets attention. However, this isn’t the movie making industry. This is sports we are talking about!

When the logo was revealed, I was thoroughly disappointed with the design! All along they were talking about how they were going to bring in Native American artwork. Where is that in the design? Instead, we get a logo that looks demented!

The thing that bothers me most about this name is the fact that fans are already starting to refer to themselves as “Krakheads” and the arena as the Krak house. Just goes to show what this city has on their mind. Makes me sick that these names were visible months ago and the team went forward with it.

I know that I will not stand behind and support a franchise in my home city that is okay with these references. It’s classless and absolutely stupid! I am glad we have other franchises in the city that are worth supporting – Seahawks, Sounders, Storm because the Kraken will not be getting any of my money! I will say that right now.

This post is about me trying to stand up for what I believe. The Seattle NHL Franchise absolutely made a mistake in picking the Kraken as their team name. Don’t try and steal a Legend from Norway and Greenland and try and make it a Northwest staple. It’s not the Legend of the great Northwest!

In closing, I would appreciate my fans/followers to get behind this post and start showing your support actively by sharing your thoughts and opinions. It’s time to take action and make the true legend of the Northwest our hockey team name! Together we can make it happen.

One thought on “Legendary Disgust: Seattle Kraken vs. Seattle Sasquatch?

  1. I’d much rather support our local Sasquatch. And I’d look forward to “Squatching” (squashing) the opponents. Lol!


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