What should Washington do with rebranding their NFL franchise?

Obviously change makes people uncomfortable at times, but sometimes change leads to bigger and better things. The NFL in the District of Columbia has been a little bit problematic over the last few decades. The teams assembled have struggled to compete at times and the name of the Redskins has caused distractions.

There has been all kinds of talks about what the new brand is going to be for the NFL in Washington, DC. Talks have been about the Generals, Redtails, etc. The Generals is a name that I could see sticking, especially if they use a blacked out design similar to the Army uniforms in college.

For me, I think the Washington Commanders is a solid option. The design above shows the star decals on the helmet, I also think the team could do some cool things with the uniform. Stars lining the collar and stripes somewhere in the uniform? I think a Washington team deserves patriotic colors. It’s the capital of our nation and they should represent our country with their colors in my opinion.

One thought on “What should Washington do with rebranding their NFL franchise?

  1. I kind of have to laugh because both the names “Generals” and “Commanders” are military related. Next thing you know, the NFL will be getting sued by the military for using their rank titles. It’s a mad, mad world 😦


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