Mount Townsend (Quilcene, WA)

Mount Townsend is quite the adventure, but it’s also a long drive out and back. Definitely be ready to pack some patience. Parking is very limited along the forest roads, so make sure to arrive early and avoid visiting during peak times (weekends, etc.). Also, be aware of weather conditions. Just because it’s a beautiful day in the metro, doesn’t mean its going to be clear on the mountain. Clouds were a problem the day I visited, but there were good enough conditions at points to capture some images.

The hike itself is very manageable, but it will definitely make your legs burn. The trail is heavily trafficked and is fairly narrow. On a clear day, I can only imagine the views! There was a waterfall along the trail which was cool to see with a peak in the distance (first image), and wildflowers were out in full force which was great for viewing! At the top, there are views for miles with the mountain landscape. It’s a nice reward for the trek up.

One thought on “Mount Townsend (Quilcene, WA)

  1. Another beautiful area. I’m so glad you’re taking advantage of this time to do something fun. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous vistas.


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