Tacoma, Washington

Tacoma, Washington is a city that nobody really gives enough credit. Overlooked by outsiders, due to most people wanting to explore the big cities (Seattle, Bellevue). Tacoma has all kinds of potential and we are starting to see the city grow. Known for the Tacoma Dome and it’s various museums (Museum of Glass, LeMay – America’s Car Museum), Tacoma has it’s fair share of attractions. Point Defiance is another park that puts Seattle to shame in comparison! Tacoma is definitely on the rise and I am interested to see how it develops over the next few decades.

(Narrows Bridge, photo captured 6/21/20)

One thought on “Tacoma, Washington

  1. Tacoma does have some nice attractions. The waterfront restaurants are amazing and McMinniminns (which now occupies the historic Elks Lodge in downtown Tacoma) need to be seen if you get to the area. I’m glad you mentioned Pt. Defiance Park and Zoo. The area is huge….with a 5 mile scenic drive within the park.


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