Ancient Lakes (Quincy, Washington)


Ancient Lake is a pretty awesome hike in Central Washington. This hike takes you to a Desert Oasis of sorts once you reach the lakes at the end of the hike. Getting there is a bit of an adventure with the the temperature elements and wind. Be aware that rattlesnakes are in the area, and bugs are everywhere (especially beatles). This trail is very popular for locals, so you won’t be alone.

The best part about this hike, as is the case with many hikes, is it’s location. Ancient Lake is positioned between two sharp extensive cliff sides which make for an incredible scene! There are waterfalls at points along the trail, but the best one is by the lakes at the end. Also, you have the option of hiking Highmans Bluff at the end for an elevated view of the lakes and desert landscape.

Overall, a great experience and would definitely recommend this hike to others!

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