Diablo Lake, WA


(Diablo Lake Vista Point, photo captured on 5/31/20)

Diablo Lake definitely lived up to the hype! I had heard a lot of great things about this location, and sure enough it didn’t disappoint the day I visited. It was nice having friends tag along for this adventure, they added to the experience and made the long drive more enjoyable! The weather wasn’t prime, but it still made for an awesome scene. I will definitely have to make another visit and check out some of the trails in that area.


(Pyramid Creek, photo captured on 5/31/20)

We didn’t have time to do any hikes during this trip, but it was cool seeing some creeks, waterfalls, rock formations along the highway. It’s a very scenic drive on the North Cascades Highway! Highly recommend visiting for those that haven’t made the trip yet.


(Gorge Creek and Lake, photo captured on 5/31/20)

Gorge Creek and Lake was another quick stop on our descent into the valley. This location has several waterfalls to view on both sides of the roadway. You also have the option of taking a nature trail (roughly 0.5 mile) to get some better views of Gorge Lake. It’s a good spot to stop and get some fresh air before the long drive back down into the metro area.

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