Bellevue, Washington


(Photo of Downtown Park, captured 5/3/20)

Sure when it comes to tourist attractions, Seattle is the place to visit if you’re looking for famous landmarks, etc. However, Bellevue is really starting to put Seattle to shame when it comes to safety and quality of life. Microsoft surely has had an influence on this, but now even Amazon is flocking to Bellevue for business. Like I stated in my Seattle post, the city has really gone south with the criminal acts and homeless populations taking over the city. Bellevue is a very high class area, but the city does an exceptional job keeping their people safe and protected. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens when this new light rail transit system gets up and running in a few years, whether they will be able to sustain it or not.

Although Bellevue doesn’t have the attractions like Seattle has, there is still plenty to do within the city itself. You have the Downtown Park (pictured above) to take in amazing views of the city skyline. Also, there is the Bellevue Square Mall Collection for those avid shoppers out there, along with many high end restaurants. Another cool thing that Bellevue offers is Snowflake Lane. Each night leading up to Christmas (starting in Late November), Bellevue closes the streets by the mall at 7 PM and puts on a massive display for people to come out and get themselves in the holiday spirit. It’s a giant holiday parade and I would recommend people to check it out, especially if you live outside the area. During this time, Downtown Park puts up a skating rink for those interested in ice skating.

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