Seattle, Washington


Seattle, Washington the city that has so much beauty, but equally as many limiting factors that keep people from visiting or coming back regularly. The biggest problem facing the city currently is the homeless population which runs rampant through the streets and you are bound to see homeless basically anywhere throughout the city, especially in and around the most popular attractions. They sure know how to pick their spots!

Another factor is the street design and traffic. One of the positives with this COVID-19 outbreak is the streets are wide open which makes it easy to venture into the city. Seattle is a city that is vertically built on a restricted plot of land, and unfortunately the growth shows no signs of stopping. Construction cranes are up all over the city building new corporate offices and condominiums.

Sure there are many benefits to living in and around the city, but having grown up in this area and seen the growth and deterioration of Seattle, it’s making different parts of the country look that more appealing! That’s one of the reasons I travel so much, I don’t know if I plan to spend the rest of my life in this area or not.

If you haven’t already been turned away from this post, then I will tell you that if you visit the city of Seattle you must check out the Seattle Center and Space Needle, as well as visit the Piers on the waterfront where you can find the Great Wheel, Pike’s Place Market and other attractions like museums and the aquarium. From there, you can also walk through the city and visit the Sky View Observatory at the Columbia Center or check out the Sinking Ship parking garage and the Smith Tower.

Just outside the city, you have several different options in terms of parks and natural lands. The most popular is Discovery Park, but then you also have places like Green Lake, Centennial Park and Washington Park Arboretum UW Botanic Gardens. All of these places are worth checking out if you have time for them.

I think Seattle is a great city to visit with all kinds of sites to see, but they need to get their act together when it comes to making the city safer to explore. It’s very depressing to visit the city these days and see all the people suffering on the streets. Don’t know what it’s going to take to fix the problem, but I know not addressing it won’t get anything accomplished, so I want to raise awareness about it.

One thought on “Seattle, Washington

  1. Having grown up in Seattle, I can share your frustration with the amount of ‘unsavory’ areas that are growing at an alarming rate. However, the overall beauty of Seattle and all of the amazing outlying areas make this my #1 destination for living my best life. I’ve lived in several other states as well….from cold (Alaska) to hot (Southern California and Hawaii) and I still prefer the four seasons of the Pacific NW.


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