Dallas, Texas

A couple months back I went to visit my brother for the weekend in Dallas, Texas. It must have been November because the picture of me in front of AT&T Stadium still shows me rocking the ‘Movember’ mustache. For this trip, I was able to visit at a seasonal time of year where the temperatures weren’t scolding hot and it was comfortable to get outdoors to enjoy some the main attractions that the city has to offer.

The first attraction that I wanted to experience in Dallas was Reunion Tower, which like the Space Needle in Seattle, is the focal point of the skyline. From the observatory at the top, you get a good overlook of downtown and can enjoy fairly reasonably priced food while soaking up the views in the rotating social/dining area.

Per usual, it wouldn’t be a complete trip without taking in a sporting event of some kind. My brother and I decided to catch the Chicago Blackhawks vs. Dallas Stars hockey game to cap off the night. It was nice to experience a hockey game and get an idea for what the NHL atmosphere feels like so when the NHL comes to Seattle, game on!

Overall, I wouldn’t say Dallas was a very attractive city to me. There were some cool spots in the city, but it didn’t have much to meet my eye. I am big on parks and well maintained vegetation/trails. I think San Antonio would be much more my style with the river walk, so hopefully that will be my next trip within the state of Texas once Coronavirus is a thing of the past.

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