Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is one of my favorite places in all of the United States, the landscape doesn’t get much better with the lush green vegetation and the famous red rocks.

There are all types of sights to see in the Sedona area. The Chapel of Holy Cross is one of the main attractions and it definitely has the best architectural design in the area. There are many overlook viewpoints, but the viewpoint at the Chapel is pretty spectacular with the hills/cliffs in the distance and views into the valley below.

Historical sites are also very popular in the Sedona area. My last trip I was able to visit the Sedona Heritage Museum where I got to see how people managed to live up to a century before my time. Pretty cool to see how they produced crops and did business as farmers on such a small plot of land. It was a much different perspective and it definitely was an eye opening experience.

I still need to get back down to Sedona and do a Pink Jeep Tour and get the full Red Rock experience, looking forward to my next trip!


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