Moab, Utah : Arches National Park – Dead Horse State Park

Arches National Park definitely likes to name landmarks after the heat and for good reason! I made the trip down at the end of April and it was about 80 degrees that day, but the landscape really holds the heat and there isn’t much in the way of shade, it felt more like 90 degrees which was tough for the Washington blood. Other than the heat and the long drive from Salt Lake City, the trip to Arches and Dead Horse State Park was amazing and left me in awe over the beauty of the canyons and arches.

Every Arch in the Park is picture worthy, but we came across a woman in the park that was willing to take a group picture so we ended up with a great shot with Turret Arch in the background. There was probably two miles worth of trail in this area to adventure around all the Arches in the area. Very short hikes all throughout the park, but the heat and altitude makes these short hikes challenging.

Double Arch was pretty interesting to visit as you have a window on both sides and a window to look up to the heavens. This was a popular spot for tourists to settle down and take in the views while having a snack or drink water and Gatorade. It was a nice spot to take a break from the sun beaming down.

We finished the trip with a trip up to Dead Horse State Park, yes I said State Park! Admission into this park was $20 per vehicle. It has spectacular views, very similar to the Grand Canyon, but I think the price was a little steep for a one time visit. This spot is popular for it’s sunsets and sunrises, there were all sorts of people preparing as we were trekking through the small trail system along the ridge.

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