Welcome everyone, my name is Kyle Pegram, I created this web page to share some of my greatest passions with you all. As you all may already be able to see from the menu above – I love to travel, follow sports/athletics, nerd out on weather and create music.

My Story

Throughout my life I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel around through sports and leisure travel. I enjoy taking photographs to share with my followers, as well as document these memories for later down the road. I have only cracked the surface of what there is to explore out there and I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with you all moving forward.

Growing up I was a HUGE follower of the Seattle Mariners and that got me interested in playing baseball. I was able to play throughout college, but my dreams of playing at the professional level came to an abrupt end following my years of playing club baseball at Western Washington University while pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Although my playing days are over, I still have dreams to impact the sports world by means of coaching and player development.

Sports are going to be a primary focus of this page. I am extremely passionate about sports/athletics and love to talk about sports at a national level. Obviously, I have an interest in Seattle teams, but I am not just going to focus on the Seahawks, Mariners, Sounders, Storm, etc. I love sports way too much to focus on just one state!

Those closest to me understand my other passion for weather. I have always had an interest for the power of Mother Nature. I will have a page for the weather, where I will upload photos from time to time, but it won’t be my main priority for this website.

Most recently, I have started creating lyrics and producing music with my brother. I don’t think I will ever go platinum or anything, but it’s just another hobby of mine that I figured is worthy of posting to this platform for viewership.

Hope everyone enjoys the pictures and articles that I produce. Feel free to comment and I will promptly address your comments. Looking forward to having active discussions with others who share the same interests/passions as myself.